Developed by experienced and qualified developers, Online Academy is an online platform specially designed for training, coaching, agency and other educational institutions. Online Academy makes it easy and convenient to conduct online courses, giving you the option to manage courses, provide online tutorials, and perform online assignments/tests/exams and provide results.



Floodkon is a WordPress website project involves the creation and development of a website using the WordPress platform. WordPress is a popular content management system (CMS) that allows for easy creation, editing, and management of website content. The project typically starts with identifying the purpose and goals of the website, choosing an appropriate theme and plugins, and designing the site's layout and structure. This may involve creating custom graphics, selecting appropriate fonts and colors, and optimizing the site for search engine visibility.




Creating and developing a web-based platform for landlords and tenants to improve the rental process by allowing users to search for rental properties based on specific criteria, property management, and tenant screening, and integrating machine learning algorithms to perform predictive analytics.



A dating app project using Flutter involves creating and developing a mobile app for connecting people with similar interests and backgrounds. The project begins by identifying the key features of the app, such as user profiles, swiping, chat, matching, and push notifications.


Offline Coaching Managment

This software is very easy to operate and light on system tool to maintain information about Institute, Students, Faculty, Courses etc.
Easy reporting with multiple option and in different formats.
With Attractive Website.





Edunovation is a an education platform project on Android involves creating and developing a mobile app that provides access to educational resources, tools, and services to learners of all ages. The project begins with identifying the key features of the app, such as courses, lessons, quizzes, and progress tracking.o specific subject areas, such as math, science, and language learning. The platform may also include features for teachers, such as lesson planning and assessment tools.

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